Seminare und Vorlesungen

Der Nobelpreis ist der Oscar der Wissenschaft. In der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft erhielten 30 Forschende diese Auszeichnung. Ab 27.2.2023 präsentieren eine Digital Story und eine Ausstellung diese wissenschaftlichen Höhepunkte in einem großen Überblick. Wie hat diese Forschung Alltag, Industrie und Medizin verändert und die moderne Welt geprägt? Die Ausstellung ist zum 75. Jubiläum der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft in sechs deutschen Städten zu sehen, die Digital Story im Internet abrufbar. [mehr]

MAVIS AO tricks or how we pull rabbits out of the hat

ESO SAOSY Lunch Talk - Hybrid

ALMA x Dataiku Data Challenge: behind the scenes of data science challenge

ESO AI Forum

The complex organic molecular content in the L1517B starless core

MPE CAS journal club on star and planet formation - online

Simulated Infrared Dusty Extragalactic Sky

ESO Galaxy Evolution Coffee

How to Find Merging Supermassive Binary Black Holes before LISA

Munich Joint Astronomy Colloquium - Hybrid

Imagining Other Worlds: How Planet-Forming Disks Can Shed Light on What is Possible

Munich Joint Astronomy Colloquium - Hybrid

VFTS Collaboration Meeting

VFTS Collaboration Meeting
We are happy to announce that the next VFTS meeting will take place between the 27-29 of March 2023 at MPA in Garching by Munich. This is a closed meeting open to members of the VFTS collaboration and those who have received a personal invitation. [mehr]

Sterile neutrinos in cosmology and direct experiments

Munich Dark Matter Meeting
Neutrino physics is one of the most fruitful intersections between cosmology and particle physics. In my talk I will discuss the phenomenology of sterile neutrinos, and how hints for eV-scale sterile neutrinos from oscillation experiments can be tested using cosmological data. The consistent combination of earthbound neutrino experiments with observations of the CMB and the large-scale structure provides a unique opportunity to test fundamental physics. [mehr]

Visualizing simulations of turbulence and beyond

Visualizing simulations of turbulence and beyond
A 1-day workshop providing a broad technical overview of techniques and tools available for visualizing (turbulent) (M)HD simulation data. Speakers will present: (i) in-depth introduction to the capabilities of popular and modern tools for different visualization, including in-situ and real-time; (ii) examples of high-end scientific visualizations by its authors, focused on the techniques employed and obstacles faced. The workshop is open to all scientists interested. [mehr]

Kavli Summer Program In Astrophysics 2023: The lives, deaths and afterlives of interacting stars

Kavli Summer Program In Astrophysics 2023: The lives, deaths and afterlives of interacting stars
The study of stellar structure and evolution, the lives and sometimes explosive deaths of stars, has involved numerous insights into physics and astrophysics. This summer school will bring together experts in stars and their interactions, including specialists in relevant modern computational tools, to work together with the student fellows to improve our understanding of the physics, outcomes, and significance of stellar interactions. [mehr]
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