Dies ist eine Liste von Links zu Kollaborationen bei denen das MPA beteiligt ist.

DFG - Spezielle Forschungsprogramme:

DFG Research Unit 1254 (Torsten Ensslin)
Magnetisation of interstellar and intergalactic media, the prospects of low-frequency radio observations

Excellence Cluster Origins

SFB/Transregio 33, "The Dark Universe"

Weitere Kollaborationen:

MPA/JHU (Guinevere Kauffmann)
Collaboration on galaxy spectrum measurements in the Sloan Digital Sky survey

LOFAR Epoch of Reionization Key Science Project (Benedetta Ciardi)
Low frequency array radio telescope, is designed, among other things to measure the neutral hydrogen fraction in the Universe as a function of redshift, through the hydrogen hyperfine 21cm line.

Dark Ages VIrtual Department (DAVID) (Benedetta Ciardi)
Collaboration network for the study of Cosmology and the high redshift Universe:

HETDEX (Cosmology group)
The Hobby-Eberly Telescope Dark Energy Experiment (HETDEX) is the first blind spectroscopic survey of millions of emission-line galaxies in the Universe.

PFS (Cosmology group)
The Prime Focus Spectrograph (PFS) is a massively multiplexed fiber-fed spectrograph with 2400 moving optical fibers.

ATLAS-3D is a survey of kinematic and metallicity structures within a representative sample of nearby early-type galaxies. MPA provided the simulations used to interpret the observations.

SILCC is a collaborative project to carry out supercomputer simulations of star-formation and feedback processes within a representative region of the interstellar medium of a typical star-forming galaxy.

EAGLE is a project of the Virgo Consortium which carries out and interprets large hydrodynamic simulations of the formation of the galaxy population in cosmologically representative volumes.

The Planck Mission to survey the Cosmic Microwave Background

The VIRGO Supercomputing Consortium

Collaboration with the Space Research Institute (Moscow)

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