Munich Joint Astronomy Colloquium 2018/2019

Sep 26 Anton Zensus Event Horizon Telescope
Oct 03 German Unity Day
Oct 10 --- ---
Oct 17 Mark Sullivan The Transient Universe: Cosmic Explosions and Dark Energy
Oct 24 Mathilde Jauzac Lensing in galaxy clusters, large-scale structure
Oct 31 Francesco de Gasperin The sky at metre wavelengths: from exoplanets to galaxy clusters
Nov 07 Eckhard Sturm AGN science with GRAVITY
Nov 14 Gerhard 't Hooft Quantum black hole from Standard Physics
Nov 28 Vincenzo Mainieri The role of AGN-feedback in the baryon cycle of z~2 galaxies
Dec 05 Esra Bulbul tba.
Dec 12 Rainer Weiss Gravitational Wave Astronomy
Dec 19 Michele Fumagalli Gas exchange between galaxies and their surroundings
Jan 09 Chris Reynolds Clusters, ICM physics, accretion & jets
Jan 16 Laura Spitler Fast Radio Bursts
Jan 23 Eugene Chiang Exoplanets
Feb 06 Eve Ostriker Star-Forming GMCs Regulated by Feedback
Feb 06 Sergey Koposov Hypervelocity star
Mar 12 Jes Jørgensen Disks and Astrochemistry
Mar 26 Suvi Gezari tba.
Apr 23 Andrea Ferrara The interstellar medium of high redshift galaxies
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