Munich Joint Astronomy Colloquium

Munich Joint Astronomy Colloquium 2018/2019

March 7 Magda Arnaboldi
March 14 Martin Weisskopf The Imaging X-Ray Polarimetry Explorer
March 21 Stefanie Walch Star formation simulations
March 28 Aldo Serenelli Solar models, neutrinos/Borexino
April 4 Raffaella Morganti AGN radio observations
April 11 Nadia Zakamska Obscured AGN and outflows
April 18
April 25 Massimo Della Valle Supernovae shed light on GRBs
May 2 Vasily Belokurov GAIA results and discoveries
May 9 Laura Kreidberg Atmospheres of Exosolar Planets
May 16 Sui Ann Mao Cosmic Magnetism
May 23 Joel Vernet Ly alfa haloes
May 30 Christi Himmelfahrt
June 6 Mathilde Jauzac
June 13 Else Starkenburg Chemical evolution of the Milky Way
June 20 Fronleichnam
June 27 Michael McDonald Evolution of ICM Structure, Metallicity and BCGs out to z~1.7 with SPT Clusters
July 4 Hans-Walter Rix
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