Munich Joint Astronomy Colloquium

Munich Joint Astronomy Colloquium 2018/2019

September 27 E. Bergin Astrochemistry of protoplanetary disks
October 4 E. Jenkins tba
October 11 Mickael Rigault SN cosmology : astrophysical biases and the Hubble Constant
October 18 S. Kashlisnky Probing the emergence of the Universe from Dark Ages with cosmic infrared background
October 25 Amina Helmi New views on the Galaxy and its satellites from the Gaia space mission
November 1 All Saints
November 8 C. Heymans Cosmological tension? New physics or new data challenges
November 15 Annalisa Pillepich The next generation of hydrodynamical galaxy formation simulations
November 22 Alex de Koter Formation and masses of Massive stars
November 29 Geoffroy Lesur MHD simulations of protoplanetary disks
December 6 Elisa Resconi The IceCube blazar event and associated multimessenger data
December 13 Nicastro Hot missing baryons
December 20 Ciska Kemper tba
December 27 Christmas Break
January 3 Christmas Break
January 10 Massimo Gaspari tba
January 17 Alyson Brooks Bulge formation in cosmological simulations
January 24 Anton Zeilinger Cosmic Bell experiment
January 31 Claudia Maraston Stellar Population Models
February 7 Mattteo Cantiello Precision stellar evolution for the Kepler/Gaia era
February 14 Nikku Madhusudhan Exoplanetary atmospheres
February 21 J. Werk tba
February 28 S. Gezari Nuclear Transients in ZTF
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