Munich Joint Astronomy Colloquium 2019/2020

Jan 09 Chris Reynolds Clusters, ICM physics, accretion & jets
Jan 16 Laura Spitler Fast Radio Bursts
Jan 23 Eugene Chiang Exoplanets
Feb 06 Eve Ostriker Star-Forming GMCs Regulated by Feedback
Feb 13 Torsten Ensslin Information Field Theory
Feb 20 Sergey Koposov Hypervelocity star
Mar 12 Jes Jørgensen Disks and Astrochemistry
Mar 19 Pierre Vernazza Constraints on the formation and evolution of the largest main belt asteroids
Mar 26 Suvi Gezari Reaping the Harvest:  Tidal Disruption Events from ZTF
Apr 02 Mar Mezcua tba
Apr 23 Andrea Ferrara The interstellar medium of high redshift galaxies
Apr 30 Mark Krumholz tba
May 07 Bianca Maria Poggianti tba
May 14 Adam Riess Hubble Constant
May 28 Matt Jarvis The MIGHTEE Survey: Progress and Future Plans
Jun 04 Justin Read tba
Jun 18 Raul Angulo Physics of Structure Formation
Jul 04 Juna Kollmeier CMB polarization
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