Publications of M. Fink

Conference Paper (8)

Conference Paper
Ruiter, A. J.; Belczynski, K.; Sim, S. A.; Hillebrandt, W.; Fink, M.; Kromer, M.: Type Ia supernovae and accretion induced collapse. In: International Conference on Binaries: In Celebration of Ron Webbink's 65th Birthday, pp. 233 - 238 (Eds. Kalogera, V.; van der Sluys, M.). International Conference on Binaries, Mykonos, Greece, June 22, 2010 - June 25, 2010. (2010)
Conference Paper
Seitenzahl, I. R.; Röpke, F.; Pakmor, R.; Fink, M.: Nucleosynthetic post-processing of type Ia supernovae with variable tracer masses. 11th Symposium on Nuclei in the Cosmos - NIC XI, Heidelberg, Germany, July 19, 2010 - July 23, 2010. Proceedings of Science PoS(NIC XI)256, pp. 1 - 5 (2010)

Thesis - PhD (1)

Thesis - PhD
Fink, M.: Modeling detonations in type Ia supernovae. Dissertation, 151 pp., Technische Universität, München (2010)

Thesis - Diploma (1)

Thesis - Diploma
Fink, M.: Doppelte Detonationen in Sub-Chandrasekhar-Supernova-Modellen. Diploma, Technische Universität München, München (2006)
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