MPA Data Archive

The following is a list of data in electronic form which belong to certain publications from MPA.

The Millennium Simulation Data Archive: Halo and galaxy catalogues based on the Millennium Simulation, including both snapshot and light-cone data, both for the original models and for subsequent updates.

971121_pscz : genus curves of the PSCz redshift survey, as published in the paper "The Topology of the IRAS Point Source Catalogue Redshift Survey" by Canavezes A., V. Springel, S. J. Oliver, M. Rowan-Robinson, O. Keeble, S. D. M. White, W. Saunders, G. Efstathiou, C. Frenk, R. G. McMahon, S. Maddox, W. Sutherland, H. Tadros, 1998, MNRAS, 298, 1169.

GADGET : A code for collisionless and gasdynamical cosmological simulations by Springel V., Yoshida N., White S. D. M., 2001, New Astronomy, 6, 79.

RADTRANS : A page containing information about several computer programs for radiative transfer solving and disk structure modeling written by C.P. Dullemond. Also to be found here is a web-based benchmark test project for models of circumstellar dust + gas disks.

SYNTHSTELLIB : A library of high resolution synthetic stellar spectra from 300nm to 1.8micron with solar and alpha-enhanced composition, by Coelho, Barbuy, Melendez, Schiavon & Castilho 2005, A&A, 443, 735.

MOCK LIGHTCONES : Mock galaxy catalogs out to high redshifts derived from combining the Millennium LCDM N-body simulation with the earliest semi-analytic galaxy evolution model (at the time of writing; Croton et al., 2006, MNRAS, 365, 11) including reionization, SN and AGN feedback.

The Hammurabi Code : A code for simulating Galactic synchrotron emission, free-free emission, UHECR deflection, rotation and dispersion measure observations. Waelkens et al. 2008 (astro-ph/0807.2262)

The Garching Core-Collapse Supernova Archive: Simulation data and supplementary material provided by MPAs Core-Collapse Supernova group

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