Cosmology and extragalactic astrophysics with gravitational lensing (MPRG)

The group studies the dark cosmos: (i) Dark Energy, which is the driving force behind the accelerated expansion of the universe; (ii) Dark Matter in galaxies and the effect it has on their formation and evolution; (iii) and Supermassive Black Holes at the centres of galaxies, to see how they and their host galaxies co-evolve.  The group also observes the extremely bright side of the Universe from supernovae to see what triggers these spectacular explosions of stars.  As tool they are using strong gravitational lensing, the bending of light by mass distribution that creates multiple images of background sources.

Group members:

Dr. Yiping Shu

Shu, Yiping

Dr. Akin Yildirim

Yildirim, Akin

Simon Huber

Huber, Simon

PhD student
Jana Bayer

Bayer, Jana

Master student
Sebastian Ertl

Ertl, Sebastian

Master student
Han Wang

Wang, Han

Master student
James H. H.  Chan

James H. H. Chan

Postdoc at EPFL

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