Living & Working at MPA

Living & Working in Germany

A guide for international scientists at Max Planck Institutes provided by the Max Planck Society (PDF)

First steps around Garching

On the official English websites of the City Munich you can find information about traffic and transport, education, culture and offices and everything the city has to offer.

The official website of the science campus in Garching. You can find information and links about MPA’s neighbor institutes. (only available in German)

First steps at MPA

The following links/information may also be helpful to find your way at your new workplace.

Language Courses: 

As a scientist from abroad you can attend German classes MPA on a beginner or advanced level. They last from end of September until mid June. The Sprachenschule Doppelpunkt is located on campus at the MPI for Plasma Physics and offers German courses for all foreign employees of the research institutes in Garching. Additionally MPA can support language classes from other institutes in Munich.

Family Service of the Max Planck Society (in German)

Child care at the institute: Our “Wichtel Akademie”, Kindergarten and nursery, is located on campus close to the IPP gates.

Successful research at Max Planck – also with a baby

The Max Planck Foundation has provided half a million euros to relieve the burden of childcare costs for parents working in science. Anyone with children aged between three and twelve months has been able to apply for an allowance to help cover their monthly childcare costs since the beginning of July. The support is primarily aimed at doctoral students and postdocs at the Max Planck Institutes.

Max Planck PhDNet: The network of Max Planck PhDstudents, a platform for exchange among doctoral students at Max Planck Institutes.

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