Meet our MPA Fellows

In this series of website posts we would like to introduce you to our fellows and their science.
Spirals, waves and gliding along

While concerned with massive objects such as neutron stars and black holes in her work, Martyna Chruslinska loves the lightweight feeling of figure skating in her spare time. more

Physics against boredom

Physics against boredom

March 03, 2023

Originally a chemist, Taeho Ryu started studying physics, because he was bored during an extended hospital stay. more

The infinitely small or the infinitely large?

Even though her first interest was in the tiny scales of particle physics, Daniela Galárraga-Espinosa decided to go to the other extreme and study galaxies and the large-scale structure of the Universe. more

Everything flows

Everything flows

April 05, 2022

Both in her research and her hobbies, Deepika Bollimpalli, is always in motion. more

Physics vs. Piano<br /> 

Physics vs. Piano 

September 14, 2021

Instead of following a musical career, MPA postdoc Tiara Battich is investigating the processes inside hot sub-dwarf stars

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