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van Son, L. A. C.; de Mink, S. E.; Chruslinska, M.; Conroy, C.; Pakmor, R.; Hernquist, L.: The locations of features in the mass distribution of merging binary black holes are robust against uncertainties in the metallicity-dependent cosmic star formation history. The Astrophysical Journal 948 (2), 105 (2023)
Wagg, T.; Broekgaarden, F. S.; de Mink, S. E.; Frankel, N.; van Son, L. A. C.; Justham, S.: Gravitational wave sources in our galactic backyard: predictions for BHBH, BHNS, and NSNS binaries detectable with LISA. The Astrophysical Journal 937 (2), 118 (2022)
Broekgaarden, F. S.; Berger, E.; Stevenson, S.; Justham, S.; Mandel, I.; Chruślińska, M.; van Son, L. A. C.; Wagg, T.; Vigna-Gómez, A.; de Mink, S. E. et al.; Chattopadhyay, D.; Neijssel, C. J.: Impact of massive binary star and cosmic evolution on gravitational wave observations - II. Double compact object rates and properties. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 516 (4), S. 5737 - 5761 (2022)
van Son, L. A. C.; de Mink, S. E.; Callister, T.; Justham, S.; Renzo, M.; Wagg, T.; Broekgaarden, F. S.; Kummer, F.; Pakmor, R.; Mandel, I.: The redshift evolution of the binary black hole merger rate: a weighty matter. The Astrophysical Journal 931 (1), 17 (2022)
Naidu, R. P.; Ji, A. P.; Conroy, C.; Bonaca, A.; Ting, Y.-S.; Zaritsky, D.; van Son, L. A. C.; Broekgaarden, F. S.; Tacchella, S.; Chandra, V. et al.; Caldwell, N.; Cargile, P.; Speagle, J. S.: Evidence from disrupted halo dwarfs that r-process enrichment via neutron star mergers is delayed by ≳500 Myr. The Astrophysical Journal Letters 926 (2), L36 (2022)
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