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Sauer, D. N.; Mazzali, P. A.; Blondin, S.; Stehle, M.; Benetti, S.; Challis, P.; Filippenko, A. V.; Kirshner, R. P.; Li, W.; Matheson, T.: Properties of the ultraviolet flux of type Ia supernovae: an analysis with synthetic spectra of SN 2001ep and SN 2001eh. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 391 (4), S. 1605 - 1618 (2008)
Mazzali, P. A.; Sauer, D. N.; Pastorello, A.; Benetti, S.; Hillebrandt, W.: Abundance stratification in type Ia supernovae – II. The rapidly declining, spectroscopically normal SN 2004eo. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 386 (4), S. 1897 - 1906 (2008)
Valenti, S.; Benetti, S.; Cappellaro, E.; Patat, F.; Mazzali, P.; Turatto, M.; Hurley, K.; Maeda, K.; Gal-Yam, A.; Foley, R. J. et al.; Filippenko, A. V.; Pastorello, A.; Challis, P.; Frontera, F.; Harutyunyan, A.; Iye, M.; Kawabata, K.; Kirshner, R. P.; Li, W.; Lipkin, Y. M.; Matheson, T.; Nomoto, K.; Ofek, E. O.; Ohyama, Y.; Pian, E.; Poznanski, D.; Salvo, M.; Sauer, D. N.; Schmidt, B. P.; Soderberg, A.; Zampieri, L.: The broad-lined type Ic supernova 2003jd. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 383 (4), S. 1485 - 1500 (2008)
Valenti, S.; Elias-Rosa, N.; Taubenberger, S.; Stanishev, V.; Agnoletto, I.; Sauer, D.; Cappellaro, E.; Pastorello, A.; Benetti, S.; Riffesser, A. et al.; Hopp, U.; Navasardyan, H.; Tsvetkov, D.; Lorenzi, V.; Patat, F.; Turatto, M.; Barbon, R.; Ciroi, S.; Di Mille, F.; Frandsen, S.; Fynbo, J. P. U.; Laursen, P.; Mazzali, P. A.: The Carbon-rich type Ic SN 2007gr: the photospheric phase. The Astrophysical Journal 673 (2), S. L155 - L158 (2008)
Sim, S. A.; Sauer, D. N.; Röpke, F. K.; Hillebrandt, W.: Light curves for off-centre ignition models of type Ia supernovae. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 378 (1), S. 2 - 12 (2007)
Sauer, D. N.; Hoffmann, T. L.; Pauldrach, A. W. A.: Non-LTE models for synthetic spectra of type Ia supernovae / hot stars with extremely extended atmospheres - II. Improved lower boundary conditions for the numerical solution of the radiative transfer. Astronomy & Astrophysics 459 (1), S. 229 - 240 (2006)
Sauer, D. N.; Mazzali, P. A.; Deng, J.; Valenti, S.; Nomoto, K.; Filippenko, A. V.: The properties of the 'standard' type Ic supernova 1994I from spectral models. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society Letters 369 (4), S. 1939 - 1948 (2006)
Sauer, D.; Jedamzik, K.: Systematic uncertainties in the determination of the primordial He-4 abundance. Astronomy & Astrophysics 381 (2), S. 361 - 373 (2002)

Konferenzbeitrag (4)

Sauer, D. N.; Mazzali, P. A.: Interpretation of observed type Ia supernova spectra with radiative transfer models. 6th International Conference on Astronomy with Radioactivities, Ringberg Castle, Kreuth, Germany, 07. Januar 2008 - 10. Januar 2008. Astronomy with Radioactivities. VI - Proceedings of International Workshop Held at Ringberg Castle of Max Planck Gesellschaft, S. 370 - 372 (2008)
Hultzsch, P.; Sauer, D.; Pauldrach, A. W. A.; Hoffmann, T.: Consistent radiative transfer models including time dependent energy deposition for type Ia supernovae. In: 1604-2004: Supernovae as cosmological lighthouses: Proceedings of a meeting held in Palazzo del Bo, Università degli Studi di Padova, S. 403 - 405 (Hg. Turatto, M.; Benetti, S.; Zampieri, L.; Shea, W.). 1604-2004: Supernovae as cosmological lighthouses, Padua, Italy, 15. Juni 2004 - 19. Juni 2004. Astronomical Society of the Pacific, San Francisco, CA, USA (2005)
Sauer, D. N.; Pauldrach, A. W. A.; Hoffmann, T.; Hillebrandt, W.: Synthetic spectra for type Ia supernovae at early epochs. In: Cosmic explosions: On th 10th anniversary of SN1993J (IAU Colloquium 192), S. 327 - 332 (Hg. Marcaide, J. M.; Weiler, K.). IAU Colloquium 192, Valencia, Spain, 22. April 2003 - 26. April 2003. Springer, Berlin (2004)
Sauer, D. N.; Pauldrach, A.: Model atmospheres for type Ia supernovae: Basic steps towards realistic synthetic spectra. In: Nuclear astrophysics, S. 48 - 53 (Hg. Müller, E.; Hillebrandt, W.). 11th Workshop on Nuclear Astrophysics, Ringberg Castle, Tegernsee (DE), 11. Februar 2002 - 16. Februar 2002. Max-Planck-Insitut für Astrophysik, Garching (2002)

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Hochschulschrift - Doktorarbeit
Sauer, D. N.: Steps toward a consistent NLTE treatment of the radiative transfer in type Ia supernovae. Dissertation, Technische Universität, München (2005)
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