Konferenzbeitrag (2)

Kaiser, C. R.: Multi-frequency observations as a key to source and environment parameters of FR II objects. Life cycles of radio galaxies, Baltimore, MD (USA), 15. Juli 1999 - 17. Juli 1999. Life cycles of radio galaxies - Proceedings of a workshop held at Space Telescope Science, S. 109 - 115 (2002)
Kaiser, C. R.; Brüggen, M.; Churazov, E.: Is there life after death? The fate of radio lobes after the jet phase. In: Particles and fields in radio galaxies, S. 458 - 462 (Hg. Laing, R. A.; Blundell, K. M.). Particles and fields in radio galaxies, New York, NYC(US), 03. August 2000 - 05. August 2000. Astronomical Society of the Pacific, San Fransisco (2002)
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