Universe PhD Award 2018 for Bernhard Flierl and Titouan Lazeyras

November 19, 2018
Bernhard Flierl (LMU) and Titouan Lazeyras (MPA)are awarded the Universe PhD Award 2018 of the Cluster of Excellence Universe for their outstanding dissertations. The award ceremony will take place during the Science Week 2018 of the Universe Cluster (3. - 6.12.2018).

Investigation of structure formation in the universe

Dr. Titouan Lazeyras received the Universe PhD Award 2018 in the category "Theory" for his outstanding dissertation "Investigations into dark matter halo bias".

In his work Titouan Lazeyras used cosmological numerical simulations to investigate the formation of structures in the Universe. He concentrated on the clustering properties of the so-called dark matter halos (gravitationally bound structures of dark matter), which represent high-density regions and are preferred locations for galaxy formation. In particular, he has measured the so-called halo bias, a key component connecting the distribution of dark matter in the universe with that of visible tracers such as galaxies. "The results of Titouan Lazeyras' dissertation are already recognised as original contributions in this field," emphasises the selection committee.

In the category "Experiment", the Cluster of Excellence Universe honors Dr. Bernhard Flierl for his excellent dissertation "Particle Tracking with Micro-Pattern Gaseous Detectors" with the Universe PhD Award 2018.

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