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November 2014: Kippenhahn Prize 2013 for Tyrone Woods
August 2014: Looking into the heart of a supernova explosion
August 2014: Eugene Churazov receives Harrie Massey Award
August 2014: Dissertation Award for Mike Anderson
July 2014: Igniting a supernova explosion
July 2014: Looking in all the right places: the Sloan Digital Sky Survey extends its reach
May 2014: Biermann Lectures 2014


December 2013: Negative temperature negated
October 2013: Planck space telescope now turned off
October 2013: Two Kippenhahn laureates this year
October 2013: Massimo Gaspari receives Livio Gratton Prize
September 2013: European funding for simulating stellar explosions
June 2013: The Violent Birth of Neutron Stars
June 2013: Diederik Kruijssen receives Christiaan Huygens Prize
June 2013: Hands-on astronomy on the Girls' Day
June 2013: Otto Hahn Medal of MPG for Irina Zhuravleva
May 2013: The vicissitudes of the cold dark matter model of cosmogony
May 2013: Rashid Sunyaev elected as Einstein Professor by the Chinese Academy of Sciences
April 2013: MPA new building now officially opened
April 2013: A new director at MPA
March 2013: Planck measures the universe
February 2013: Magnetic fields in astrophysics: an electronic 'textbooklet'
January 2013: NIFTY: Numerical information field theory for everyone
January 2013: Eiichiro Komatsu receives Lancelot Berkeley Prize


December 2012: Germany joins the SKA Organisation
November 2012: Planck spots hot gas bridging galaxy cluster pair
October 2012: Super-massive black hole inflates giant bubble
October 2012: Kippenhahn Prize for Ralph Schönrich
June 2012: Eiichiro Komatsu shares 2012 Gruber Cosmology Prize
June 2012: Biermann Lectures 2012
May 2012: Guinevere Kauffmann elected to the US National Academy of Sciences
April 2012: Girls' Day 2012 at the MPA
February 2012: Café & Kosmos — Is the Sun responsible for climate change?
February 2012: Globular star clusters: The survivors of a massacre 13 billion years ago
January 2012: Planck's HFI completes its survey of early Universe
January 2012: Eiichiro Komatsu becomes director at the Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics


December 2011: Rashid Sunyaev wins 2012 Franklin Medal in Physics
December 2011: New all-sky map shows the magnetic fields of the Milky Way with the highest precision
December 2011: Unusual explanation for peculiar stellar explosion
November 2011: “Changing Skies” for students -- Max Planck Day at the MPA
November 2011: Café & Kosmos — Supernovae - unravelling the mysteries of the biggest cosmic explosions
September 2011: Cosmic Crashes Forging Gold
July 2011: Biermann lectures 2011
July 2011: Rashid Sunyaev receives 2011 Kyoto Prize
June 2011: Kippenhahn Prize 2011
June 2011: Simon White wins Gruber Cosmology Prize
May 2011: Girls' Day at MPA and MPE: What does an astronomer do?
January 2011: High Chinese Honour for Gerhard Börner
January 2011: Hendrik Spruit wins Hale Prize for solar physics
January 2011: On the 25th anniversary of Ludwig Biermann’s death
January 2011: 14 billion years of cosmic history in one


November 2010: When space and time are moving
October 2010: Chinese Friendship award for Gerhard Börner
October 2010: Cluster Promotion prize for MPA student
September 2010: Planck's first glimpse at galaxy clusters and a new supercluster
July 2010: Planck delivers first all-sky image
July 2010: Rashid Sunyaev receives German Federal Cross of Merit
July 2010: Problem of spectral diversity in supernovae solved with asymmetric explosions — SN Ia are standard candles after all
June 2010: Kippenhahn Prize 2010
June 2010: LOFAR - Birth of a European Radio Telescope
June 2010: Details in the Structure of a distant Quasar
June 2010: Biermann lectures 2010
May 2010: Café & Kosmos — The Big Bang in a tunnel
May 2010: Demise of a star under surprising circumstances
May 2010: How a supernova obtains its shape
April 2010: Planck highlights the complexity of star formation
April 2010: Federal Cross of Merit for Guinevere Kauffmann
April 2010: Successful Girls’ Day in Garching
March 2010: Clouds in the Milky Way as seen by Planck
February 2010: First all sky radio image with LOFAR antennas near Garching
February 2010: Fuse for key cosmic explosions found
February 2010: Gerhard Börner wins CAS Award
January 2010: Violent explosions in space


December 2009: International Year of Astronomy 2009
Nobember 2009: Volker Springel receives Klung-Wilhelmy-Weberbank-Prize for Physics
November 2009: "Evolution of the Universe"
September 2009: Planck first light yields promising results
September 2009: Cosmic: Riding Early Waves
June 2009: A long stare at stars
June 2009: Dim Supernova sheds light on Gamma-Ray Bursts
May 2009: Planck Satellite ready to measure the Big Bang
May 2009: Rashid Sunyaev is elected to the Royal Society of London
April 2009: Sources of diffuse X-ray emission in the Milky Way found
April 2009: Guinevere Kauffmann has been elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.
February 2009: Mikhail Revnivtsev Receives Russian Federation President Prize in Science and Innovation
February 2009: Supernova explosion needs second attempt
February 2009: The Countdown for Planck has started ...
January 2009: Rashid Sunyaev receives King Faisal International Prize for Science


November 2008: Simon White awarded with the 2008 Latsis Prize of the European Science Foundation
November 2008: Supercomputers predict where to look to see the Dark Matter
July 2008: Pictures of dying stars: Surprising discovery opens up new insights into the explosion mechanisms of supernovae
June 2008: Eugene Churazov elected as member of Russian Academy of Sciences
January 2008: Rashid Sunyaev awarded with the 2008 Henry Norris Russell Prize of the American Astronomical Society
February 2008: Supernovae are NOT spherical
January 2008: Distortions to galaxy clustering yield clues to the puzzle of the accelerated expansion of the Universe
January 2008: Crafoord Prize 2008 awarded to Max Planck Astrophysicist Rashid Sunyaev


October 2007: Martin Asplund New Director at MPA
May 2007: American Philosophical Society elects Prof. Rashid Sunyaev, Max-Planck-Institute for Astrophysics, as International Member.
February 2007: Astrophysicists explain the differences in the brightness of supernova explosions


December 2006: Leibniz Prize 2007 for Guinevere Kauffmann
October 2006: Nobel Prize recognises confirmation of the Hot Big Bang
September 2006: A neutron star-driven X-ray flash associated with SN 2006aj
July 2006: The Supernova that Made the Crab Nebula
May 2006: Gold Medal for Simon White
May 2006: LOFAR - a new radio telescope in Germany
May 2006: Starquake reveals hidden structure of a neutron star
March 2006: New Map of Milky Way Reveals Millions of Unseen Objects


June 2005: Supercomputer simulations probe the formation of galaxies and quasars
May 2005: Observations reveal aspherical Supernova Explosion as possible Source of Gamma-Ray Burst
March 2005: Simon White awarded with Dannie Heineman Prize


7. November 2004: Benedetta Ciardi receives 2004 Marie-Curie Excellence Award in Warsaw Ceremony
5. August 2004: Integral discovers unusual kind of gamma-ray burst

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