Publications of Marcella Brusa

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Journal Article
Kolodzig, A.; Gilfanov, M.; Sunyaev, R.; Sazonov, S.; Brusa, M.: AGN and QSOs in the eROSITA all-sky survey - I. Statistical properties. Astronomy & Astrophysics 558, A89, pp. 1 - 15 (2013)
Journal Article
Civano, F.; Brusa, M.; Comastri, A.; Elvis, M.; Salvato, M.; Zamorani, G.; Capak, P.; Fiore, F.; Gilli, R.; Hao, H. et al.; Ikeda, H.; Kakazu, Y.; Kartaltepe, J. S.; Masters, D.; Miyaji, T.; Mignoli, M.; Puccetti, S.; Shankar, F.; Silverman, J.; Vignali, C.; Zezas, A.; Koekemoer, A. M.: The population of high-redshift active galactic nuclei in the Chandra-COSMOS survey. The Astrophysical Journal 741 (2), 91, pp. 1 - 11 (2011)
Journal Article
Allevato, V.; Finoguenov, A.; Cappelluti, N.; Miyaji, T.; Hasinger, G.; Salvato, M.; Brusa, M.; Gilli, R.; Zamorani, G.; Shankar, F. et al.; James, J. B.; McCracken, H. J.; Bongiorno, A.; Merloni, A.; Peacock, J. A.; Silverman, J.; Comastri, A.: The XMM-Newton wide field survey in the COSMOS field: redshift evolution of AGN bias and subdominant role of mergers in triggering moderate-luminosity AGNs at redshifts up to 2.2. The Astrophysical Journal 736 (2), 99, pp. 1 - 15 (2011)
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