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Zrake, J.; Beloborodov, A. M.; Lundman, C.: Subphotospheric turbulence as a heating mechanism in gamma-ray bursts. The Astrophysical Journal 885 (1), 30 (2019)
Journal Article
Veledina, A.; Nättilä, J.; Beloborodov, A. M.: Pulsar wind-heated accretion disk and the origin of modes in transitional millisecond pulsar PSR J1023+0038. The Astrophysical Journal 884 (2), 144 (2019)
Journal Article
Li, X.; Zrake, J.; Beloborodov, A. M.: Dissipation of Alfvén waves in relativistic magnetospheres of magnetars. The Astrophysical Journal 881 (1), 13 (2019)
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