An astronomer in space

MPE for Women in Astronomy

  • Date: Feb 11, 2021
  • Time: 11:00 - 12:00
  • Speaker: Dr. Suzanna Randall (ESO)
  • I am one of those astronomers that has always wanted to not just observe the heavens, but actually travel to space. So when I saw a call for astronauts in 2016 I was quick to apply. Four years later, I have completed basic astronaut training with a private initiative aiming to send the first German woman into space. Mirroring the situation in STEM subjects in general, women are underrepresented also in space travel, only 10% of astronauts to date having been female. It is the goal of "Astronautin" to change this, and to create a role model for girls and women. I will talk about what it takes to be an astronaut, give some insights into the training, and explain our mission - both up in space and back here on Earth.
  • Location: MPE
  • Room: online - zoom
  • Host: MPE
An astronomer in space
Since 2019, the MPE is organising a series of events to celebrate women in science, called “MPE for Women in Science”.The event will take place every year on the 11th of February, the international day for women and girls in science, and it will consist of a scientific talk and a public talk given by an outstanding female scientist.This year our guest is Dr. Suzanna Randall (ESO, Garching). Unfortunately, due to currently restriction this year the event will be “descoped” and fully online; Zoom talk in the morning and life on YouTube in the evening. If you would like to join the zoom meeting, please send an email to
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