MPA Scientific Discussions

Here you find a list of where and when different groups at MPA meet on a regular basis. Some are explicitly marked as internal; please check with the organisers/group leaders if you would like to attend these group meetings.

Due to the pandemic, all meetings are currently conducted online.

MPA Science Coffee

Time: each day 10:30 Location: Coffee corner / gathertown Contact: Maria Depner

High redshift meeting

Time: each Monday 11:00 Location: Music Room 401b Contact: Benedetta Ciardi

Computational Astrophysics Group Meeting (internal)

Time: each Tuesday 13:30 Contact: Volker Springel

Seminar on Stellar Astrophysics

Time: each Wednesday 11:00 Location: Videoconference Room 005 Webpage: SESTAS wiki

Galaxy group meeting (internal)

Time: each Wednesday 11:00 Location: Seminar Room 006 Contact: Anna Genina

CosmoClub - The LSS Journal Club  

Time: each Wednesday 13:00 Location: MPA Lecture Hall E.0.11 Webpage: CosmoClub Contact: Laura Herold and Agne Semenaite

SN Meeting

Time: each Thursday 11:00 Webpage: SN Wiki Contact: Stefan Taubenberger and Christian Vogl

Dynamics group meeting

Time: bi-weekly, Thursday 14:00
Location: Videoconference Room 005
Contact: Wilma Trick

Accretion and High-Energy Astrophysics

Time: each Friday 11:00 Location: MPA Lecture Hall E.0.11

Information Field Theory Meeting (internal)

Time: each Friday 13:30 Contact: Torsten Enßlin

Observational Extragalactic Astronomy meeting

Time: each Friday 15:00 Contact: Fabrizio Arrigoni Battaia
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