Rashid Sunyaev becomes 2017 Citation Laureate

September 20, 2017
Each year since 2002, analysts at Clarivate Analytics (formerly Thomson Reuters) mine millions of citations in the Web of Science to identify top-tier researchers in physiology, medicine, physics and chemistry as well as economics. MPA director Rashid Sunyaev is one of five 2017 physics laureates for his “profound contributions to our understanding of the Universe, including its origins, galactic formation processes, disk accretion of black holes, and many other cosmological phenomena.”

Rashid A. Sunyaev is director and scientific member at the Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics in Garching, Chief Scientist of the Institute for Space Research, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow; as well as Maureen and John Hendricks Visiting Professor of the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton. For his contributions to various fields in astrophysics he has received numerous prizes and awards.

Citation Laureates are scientists whose publications have been cited so often by their colleagues – and thus who have been so influential – that they are forecast as potential recipients of the Nobel Prize in this year or in the future. Clarivate Analytics is an independent company that operates a number of subscription-based databases, providing analytics, curated content and business information to help accelerate the pace of innovation. Its range of well-known brands includes the Web of Science, Cortellis, Derwent, CompuMark, MarkMonitor and Techstreet. As it used to be a part of Thompson Reuters, formerly the Citation Laureates were known as the Thomson Reuters “picks” for the Nobel Prize.

For detailed information on the methodology of the citation study, the other Citation Laureates and their fields of research and institutional affiliations visit: https://clarivate.com/2017-citation-laureates/  

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