Belopolsky Prize in astrophysics for Eugene Churazov and Marat Gilfanov.

July 26, 2017
The Russian Academy of Sciences awarded the 2017 Belopolsky Prize in Astrophysics to Eugene Churazov and Marat Gilfanov for their work on«X-ray diagnostics of accretion flow in the vicinity of black holes and neutron stars in the Milky Way and external galaxies».

The A.A.Belopolsky Prize, named after the Russian astronomer and spectroscopist Aristarkh Belopolsky, is awarded by the Russian Academy of sciences once every three years for outstanding contributions to astrophysics. Eugene Churazov and Marat Gilfanov received this award for their studies of the accretion flow around compact objects using the data of MIR-KVANT, GRANAT, INTEGRAL, RXTE and Chandra orbital observatories.

Among the results included in the citation are models of the spectral variability of X-ray binaries, diagnostics of the nature of the compact objects in X-ray binaries based on the characteristics of their X-ray emission, mapping the Galactic center region in the 3-200 keV energy band, discovery of new transient and persistent X-ray sources, measuring the brightness of the Cosmic X-ray background, studies of populations of accreting neutron stars and black holes in external galaxies, and X-ray diagnostics of star formation.

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