Orginally, the "Cosmic Cinema" was developed for the astronomy exhibition of the "Deutsche Museum" in Munich, which is one of the biggest museums for technology and science in the world.
It is a multimedia presentation of astronomy research topics, worked on at MPA. It is available on our website and on DVD on request (see right column).

The Cosmic Cinema contains videoclips about the following topics:


... shows how changes of the solar wind affect the tails of these dust and gas clumps.


... visualizes how gas can move through interstellar space in narrow beams with velocities near the speed of light.


... describes the brightening if a white dwarf star when hydrogen explodes on its surface.


... invites to a flight to the Orion Nebula where dense gas and dust clouds collapse form new stars and planetary systems.


... shows the evolution of Supernova 1987A and explains the processes which lead to the explosion of a massive star.

Neutron stars

... and black holes collide and merge and might be origin of the enigmatic cosmic gamma-ray bursts.

Gravitational lenses

... distort the light of distant stars and galaxies to arcs and multiple images by action of gravity.


... explains how galaxies and galaxy clusters have formed from tiny density perturbations in the early universe.

Magnetic fields

... penetrate like rubber bands a number of astrophysical objects, e.g. the Earth, the Sun and even distant galaxies.


... presents an outlook into the future of our own star, which will undergo large structural variations, before it will fade away as a White Dwarf.

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