"Changing Skies"

"Changing Skies"

For many years, the institute takes part in the annual "Girls' Day", where girls have the possibility to learn more about a possible career in science and technology. The next Girls' Day will take place on 26 March 2020.

School girls will travel from the skies above Garching back to the very beginnings of the Universe if they visit the Max-Planck-Institute for Astrophysics during Girls’ Day. The girls can independently try and investigate an astronomic research topic – with the help of local experts – and will thus get to know a normal workday at our scientific institute. They will also have the opportunity to discuss with the scientists at MPA about their work and their career. Moreover, junior scientists will present the digital show “Changing Skies” in the portable planetarium dome. This deals with changes in stars and galaxies, but also explains how some of these processes can be understood and modelled in simulations.

The programme will be mainly in German. However, as we are an international Institute, parts of the programme will be in English. In addition, girls should bring along a keen interest in astronomy, physics and computing. We are looking forward to seeing you!    

Please note:

Recommended age: 14-16

Places are limited, please register via the official Girls‘ Day website (see column on the side). Please fill in all fields in the registration form.
Registration will open late 2019.

Please note that the programme will be mainly in German. During the event we will take photographs that we want to publish on our website. Please tell us at the start of this event, if your photo is not to be published.

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