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  1. 4081.
    Miralles, J. M.; Erben, T.; Hämmerle, H.; Schneider, P.; Fosbury, R. A. E.; Freudling, W.; Pirzkal, N.; Jain, B.; White, S. D. M.: A conspicuous tangential alignment of galaxies in a STIS parallel Shear Survey field: A new dark-lens candidate? Astronomy & Astrophysics 388 (1), pp. 68 - 73 (2002)
  2. 4082.
    Brüggen, M.: The effect of mixing on metallicity gradients in the intracluster medium. The Astrophysical Journal 571 (1), pp. L13 - L16 (2002)
  3. 4083.
    Kühnel, T.; Bartelmann, M.: Die Grundlagen der Kosmologie. Sterne und Weltraum 41 (5), pp. 40 - 46 (2002)
  4. 4084.
    Raimondo, G.; Castellani, V.; Cassisi, S.; Brocato, E.; Piotto, G.: On the observational properties of He-burning stars: Some clues on the tilt of the horizontal branch in metal-rich clusters. The Astrophysical Journal 569 (2), pp. 975 - 983 (2002)
  5. 4085.
    Font, J. A.; Goodale, T.; Iyer, S.; Miller, M.; Rezzolla, L.; Seidel, E.; Stergioulas, N.; Suen, W. M.; Tobias, M.: Three-dimensional numerical general relativistic hydrodynamics. II. Long-term dynamics of single relativistic stars. Physical Review D 65 (8), 084024, pp. 084024-01 - 084024-18 (2002)
  6. 4086.
    Haas, M.; Klaas, U.; Bianchi, S.: The relation of PAH strength with cold dust in galaxies. Astronomy & Astrophysics 385 (3), pp. L23 - L26 (2002)
  7. 4087.
    Gusev, A. V.; Ignatiev, V. B.; Kuranov, A. G.; Postnov, K. A.; Prokhorov, M. E.: Broadband gravitational-wave pulses from binary neutron stars in eccentric orbits. Astronomy Letters - A Journal of Astronomy and Space Astrophysics 28 (3), pp. 143 - 149 (2002)
  8. 4088.
    Misiriotis, A.; Bianchi, S.: The influence of clumping on surface brightness fits of edge-on spiral galaxies. Astronomy & Astrophysics 384 (3), pp. 866 - 871 (2002)
  9. 4089.
    Wu, H.; Burstein, D.; Deng, Z. G.; Zhou, X.; Shang, Z. H.; Zheng, Z. Y.; Chen, J. S.; Su, H. J.; Windhorst, R. A.; Chen, W. P. et al.; Zou, Z. L.; Xia, X. Y.; Jiang, Z. J.; Ma, J.; Xue, S. J.; Zhu, J.; Cheng, F. Z.; Byun, Y. I.; Chen, R.; Deng, L. C.; Fan, X. H.; Fang, L. Z.; Kong, X.; Li, Y.; Lin, W. P.; Lu, P.; Sun, W. H.; Tsay, W. S.; Xu, W.; Yan, H. J.; Zhao, B.; Zheng, Z.: Intermediate-band surface photometry of the edge-on galaxy NGC 4565. Astronomical Journal 123 (3), pp. 1364 - 1380 (2002)
  10. 4090.
    Kraemer, W. P.; Spirko, V.; Bludsky, O.: Bound and low-lying quasi-bound rotation-vibration energy levels of the ground and first excited electronic states of HeH2+. Chemical Physics 276 (3), pp. 225 - 242 (2002)
  11. 4091.
    Böhringer, H.; Matsushita, K.; Churazov, E.; Ikebe, Y.; Chen, Y.: The new emerging model for the structure of cooling cores in clusters of galaxies. Astronomy and Astrophysics 382 (3), pp. 804 - 820 (2002)
  12. 4092.
    Cassisi, S.; Salaris, M.; Bono, G.: The shape of the red giant branch bump as a diagnostic of partial mixing processes in low-mass stars. The Astrophysical Journal 565 (2), pp. 1231 - 1238 (2002)
  13. 4093.
    Alcock, C.; Allsman, R. A.; Alves, D. R.; Becker, A. C.; Bennett, D. P.; Cook, K. H.; Drake, A. J.; Freeman, K. C.; Griest, K.; Hawley, S. L. et al.; Keller, S.; Lehner, M. J.; Lepischak, D.; Marshall, S. L.; Minniti, D.; Nelson, C. A.; Peterson, B. A.; Popowski, P.; Pratt, M. R.; Quinn, P. J.; Rodgers, A. W.; Suntzeff, N.; Sutherland, W.; Vandehei, T.; Welch, D. L.: The MACHO project Large Magellanic Cloud variable star inventory. XII. Three Cepheid variables in eclipsing binaries. The Astrophysical Journal 573 (1), pp. 338 - 350 (2002)
  14. 4094.
    Aleksandrovich, N. L.; Revnivtsev, M. G.; Aref'ev, V. A.; Sunyaev, R. A.; Skinner, G. K.: Long-term Mir-Kvant observations of the transient X-ray burster KS 1731-260. Astronomy Letters: A Journal of Astronomy and Space Astrophysics 28 (5), pp. 279 - 286 (2002)
  15. 4095.
    Aloy, M. A.; Ibanez, J. M.; Miralles, J. A.; Urpin, V.: Stability analysis of relativistic jets from collapsars and its implications on the short-term variability of gamma-ray bursts. Astronomy and Astrophysics 396 (2), pp. 693 - 703 (2002)
  16. 4096.
    Arp, H.; Burbidge, E. M.; Chu, Y.; Flesch, E.; Patat, F.; Rupprecht, G.: NGC 3628: Ejection activity associated with quasars. Astronomy & Astrophysics 391 (3), pp. 833 - 840 (2002)
  17. 4097.
    Asada, H.; Kasai, T.; Kasai, M.: Algebraic properties of the real quintic equation for a binary gravitational lens. Progress of Theoretical Physics 108 (6), pp. 1031 - 1037 (2002)
  18. 4098.
    Bagchi, J.; Ensslin, T. A.; Miniati, F.; Stalin, C. S.; Singh, M.; Raychaudhury, S.; Humeshkar, N. B.: Evidence for shock acceleration and intergalactic magnetic fields in a large-scale filament of galaxies ZwCl 2341.1+0000. New Astronomy 7 (5), pp. 249 - 277 (2002)
  19. 4099.
    Baraffe, I.; Chabrier, G.; Allard, F.; Hauschildt, P. H.: Evolutionary models for low-mass stars and brown dwarfs: Uncertainties and limits at very young ages. Astronomy & Astrophysics 382 (2), pp. 563 - 572 (2002)
  20. 4100.
    Bartelmann, M.: Hintergründige Polarisation. Physik Journal 1 (12), pp. 1 - 2 (2002)
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