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To book a group visit, please contact:

Dr. Hannelore Hämmerle
Press Officer
Phone:+49 89 30000-3980

MPI for Astrophysics

Please tell us how many people there will be, the age range of the group and if you already have any knowledge of astronomy and/or physics. Please also specify your favoured language and date, we will try to accomodate your wishes.


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Changing Skies
- a journey from the heavens above
to the beginning of the universe

Current research, presented live by our scientists

Inside the inflatable dome of our digital planetarium we will take you on a journey from the sky above Munich back to the beginnings of the Universe. Visit our neighbouring planets and observe the sun close-up. Find out interesting details about a star’s life, from birth until its death in a bright and explosive supernova. Come and travel with us even further – out of our Milky Way to remote galaxies and to the origin of the universe.

The show has been designed by our scientists themselves to present the research at the institute in a unique setting. Scientists do a live presentation of the show, allowing you to interactively pose questions. In addition, the show can easily be adapted to the age level and previous knowledge of visitor groups (esp. school classes).

The planetarium can fit about 25 people. Wheel-chair access is possible.

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