MPA Institute Seminar 2020

Sep 21 Simon May "Cosmological simulations of structure formation with fuzzy dark matter" --Zoom Talk--
Oct 05 Stan Delos "The first dark matter halos as probes of cosmology" --Zoom Talk--
Oct 12 Holly Preece "The Equilibrium Tide - A New Prescription for Population Synthesis and N-Body Codes" --Live/Zoom Talk--
Oct 19 Stefan Schuldt "Efficient Mass Modeling of Strong Lenses through Deep Learning" --Live/Zoom Talk--
Oct 26 Abhijeet Anand "Characterizing the abundance, properties, and kinematics of the cool circumgalactic medium of galaxies in absorption with SDSS DR16" --Zoom Talk--
Nov 02 Periklis Okalidis "Gas kinematics in disc galaxies in the Auriga simulations" --Zoom Talk--
Nov 09 Wilma Trick
Nov 16 Francesco Rizzuto
Nov 23 Jessica Hislop
Nov 30 Constantina Fotopoulou
Dec 07 Eirini Batziou
Dec 14 Felix Ahlborn
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