MPA Institute Seminar

MPA Institute Seminar 2019

Jan 07 Andrei Beloborodov “Gamma-ray bursts from neutron star mergers”
Jan 14 Celine Peroux “The Cosmic Baryon Cycle”
Jan 21 Luca di Mascolo "Joint image-visibility studies of the Sunyaev-Zeldovich effect"
Jan 28 Igor Zinchenko "The oxygen abundance of nearby galaxies from IFU data"
Feb 04 Christian Vogl "Distance measurements with type II supernovae: from the expanding photosphere method to automated spectral fitting"
Feb 11 Prateek Sharma "Thermal instability and multiphase gas in the circumgalactic medium"
Feb 18 Robert Grand “Unravelling the formation history of the Milky Way with Galactic surveys and cosmological hydrodynamical simulations”
Feb 25 Tiago Costa "Quasar and stellar radiative feedback in high-z, massive galaxies"
Mar 11 Enrico Garaldi
Mar 18 Thales Gutcke
Mar 25 Francesca Rizzo
Apr 01 Elisa Ferreira
Apr 08 Fabrizio Arrigoni Battaia
Apr 15 Freeke van de Voort

Lecture Hall E.0.11 | MPA Garching | Monday 15.30

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