MPA Institute Seminar 2024

Date Speaker                                       Title
Jan 8 Jakob Stegmann “The Evolution of Massive Stellar Triples”
Jan 15 Patricia Diego "Cosmic birefringence: searching for parity-violating physics with the CMB polarization"
Jan 22 Saleem Zaroubi “Novel IGM approach to the analysis of the 21cm Epoch of Reionization Observations”
Jan 29 Anna Genina “Use the force: how to drag black holes to the centres of simulated galaxies”
Feb 5 IMPRS Workshop
Feb 19 Conor O’Riordan “Detecting dark matter substructures in strong lenses”
Feb 26 Toshiki Kurita “Intrinsic galaxy shapes as a novel probe of cosmology”
Mar  04 Sherry Suyu “Strongly lensed supernova: past, present and future”
Mar 11 Antti Rantala “Simulating the collisional formation of intermediate-mass black holes in young, massive star clusters using the novel BIFROST code”
Mar 18 Silvia Almada Monter “Deciphering Lyman Escape in Anisotropic Gas Configurations”
Mar 25 Eugene Churazov “Galactic Center diffuse emission in polarized X-rays”
Apr 8 Bryce Remple “AGB Stars and the i-process”
Apr 15 Pavan Vynatheya “Exploring the remains of stars disrupted by stellar black holes”
Apr 22 Beatriz Tucci “Simulation-based inference for galaxy clustering: bridging theory and simulations for robust cosmological analysis”
Apr 29 Valentina Vacca “Constraining Magnetic Fields in Galaxy Clusters and Filaments with Radio Observations”
May 06 Tiara Battich
May 13 Alejandra Melo Melo
May 27 Ivana Babic
June 03 Daniel Kresse
June 10 Geza Csoernyei
June 17 Anshuman Acharya
June 24 Stephen Justham
July 01 Daniela Galarraga-Espinosa
July 08 Lazaros Souvaitzis
July 15 Taeho Ryu
July 22 Abinaya Rajamuthukumar
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