MPA Institute Seminar

MPA Institute Seminar 2019

Jun 24 Alexandra Kozyreva "Normal Hydrogen Rich Supernovae and their progenitors"
Jul 01 Giulia Chirivi  "GLaD: Gravitational Lensing and Dynamics combined analysis to unveil properties of high-redshift galaxies"
Jul 08 Dylan Nelson "Galactic outflows in the TNG50 simulation"
Jul 15 Stefan Taubenberger  "'Hubble tension': what can we learn from an inverse distance ladder with strong gravitational lenses and Type Ia supernovae?"
Jul 22 Raoul Canameras "Star formation and feedback in the brightest lensed starburst galaxies at z ~ 2–4"
Sep 16
Sep 23 Andrea Ferrara
Sep 30 Adrian Hamers
Oct 07 Andrei Beloborodov
Oct 14 Giulia Despali
Oct 21
Oct 28
Nov 04 Akin Yildirim
Nov 11
Nov 18 Naveen Yadav
Nov 25
Dec 02 Martin Glatzle
Dec 09
Dec 16 Philipp Arras

Lecture Hall E.0.11 | MPA Garching | Monday 15.30

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