MPA Institute Seminar

MPA Institute Seminar 2019

Feb 04 Christian Vogl "Distance measurements with type II supernovae: from the expanding photosphere method to automated spectral fitting"
Feb 11 Prateek Sharma "Thermal instability and multiphase gas in the circumgalactic medium"
Feb 18 Robert Grand “Unravelling the formation history of the Milky Way with Galactic surveys and cosmological hydrodynamical simulations”
Feb 25 Cancelled
Mar 11 Enrico Garaldi  "Unveiling the sources of Reionization using the Lyman-alpha transition: a numerical approach"
Mar 18 Tiago Costa "Quasar and stellar radiative feedback in high-z, massive galaxies"
Mar 25 Francesca Rizzo "Lensed galaxies: a unique opportunity to study the kinematics at high redshift
Apr 01 Ricard Ardevol "Neutron star merger modelling in the era of multimessenger astronomy"
Apr 08 Fabrizio Arrigoni Battaia "Characterizing the circum/inter-galactic medium in emission around z~3 quasars"
Apr 15 Freeke van de Voort "Cosmic gas flows and the distribution of heavy elements in and around galaxies"
Apr 29 Elisa Ferreira "Unified Superfluid Dark Sector"
May 06 Linda Blot
May 13 Thales Gutcke
May 20 Elisa Ritondale
May 27 Devon Powell
Jun 03 Francesca Fragkoudi
Jun 17 Robert Glas
Jun 24 Alexandra Kozyreva
Jul 01 Giulia Chirivi
Jul 08 Dylan Nelson
Jul 15 Stefan Taubenberger
Jul 22 Raoul Canameras

Lecture Hall E.0.11 | MPA Garching | Monday 15.30

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