MPA Institute Seminar 2019

Sep 16 Thorsten Naab  "Galaxy formation with feedback from individual massive stars"
Sep 23 Adrian Hamers "The Evolution of Multiple-Star Systems"
Sep 30 Andrea Ferrara "Dusty Galaxies in the Epoch of Reionization"
Oct 07 Andrei Beloborodov “Magnetar winds, explosions, and cosmological fast radio bursts”
Oct 14 Giulia Despali “Constraining dark matter models with strong gravitational lensing”
Oct 21 Remi Kazeroni "The impact of hydrodynamical instabilities on the explosion mechanism of massive stars"
Oct 28 Ira Wolfson "Small field models with large tensor to scalar ratio - numerical study"
Nov 04 Akin Yildirim “Time-delay cosmography with next generation telescopes”
Nov 11 Naveen Yadav "Oxygen-Neon Shell Merger in a Supernova Progenitor Just Before Core-Collapse"
Nov 18 Chris Byrohl "Simulating a Universe full of Lyman-alpha: From LAEs to LSS"
Nov 25 Samuel Young  "Primordial black holes and non-Gaussianity"
Dec 02 Martin Glatzle "Radiative transfer through gas and dust"
Dec 09 Anders Jerkstran “Constraining supernova ejecta from radioactive decay lines and infrared iron lines”
Dec 16 Philipp Arras "Unified Imaging and Calibration in Radio Interferometry"
Jan 13 Andreas Floers
Jan 20 Umberto Maio
Jan 27 Giovanni Cabass
Feb 03 IMPRS Workshop
Feb 10 Yuki Watanabe
Feb 17 Rebekka Bieri
Feb 24 Rosenmontag
Mar 02 Robert Bollig
Mar 09
Mar 16 Wolfgang Enzi
Mar 23 Antti Rantala
Mar 30 Reza Ayromlou
Apr 06 Wilma Trick
Apr 13 Easter monday
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