Seminars and Lectures

Upcoming Seminars and Lectures

Institute Seminar

11682 1511775496

The Complexity of the Dark Matter Sheet


ESO Lunch Talk

10850 1503052315

A new turbulence-regulated star formation law


ESO Informal Discussion

10849 1513673862



Biermann lectures: New Probes of Distant Galaxies and Their Cosmic Environments During the Peak Epoch of Star Formation

2233 1528112817

Tracing the Formation of Large-scale Structure in an Exceptional Distant Proto-Cluster

All lectures will be given at 15:30 at MPA (Large seminar room E.0.11) and will be preceded by tea, coffee and cookies at 15:15. [more]

ESO Talk

10202 1496753038

Passive galaxies census at z~3


Stellar Coffee and Planetary Tea