Munich Joint Astronomy Colloquium

Munich Joint Astronomy Colloquium 2017/2018

Nov 23

Boris Gaensicke Evolved planetary systems around white dwarfs

Nov 30

Manami Sasaki The hot interstellar medium

Dec 7

Jens Jasche tba

Dec 14

Giovanna Tinetti Galactic planetary science

Dec 21

Christmas Break

Dec 28

Christmas Break

Jan 04

Christmas Break

Jan 11

Andrei Beloborodov Multivacetted Neutron Stars

Jan 18

no colloquium

Jan 25

Chris Collins Bright Cluster Galaxies

Feb 01

Marcio Catelan Ages of stars

Feb 08

Christoph Pfrommer How cosmic rays shape galaxies and clusters

Feb 15

Dominique Bockelee-Morvan Cometary ices

Feb 22

Paola Popesso Star-forming regions near and far: a statistical perspective

Mar 01

Kevin Schawinski Al Astrophysics

Mar 08

Maria Bergemann A chemically homogeneous fossil relic of the Milky Way disc's mid-life crisis

Mar 15

Alessandra Buonanno tbd

Mar 22

Pierre Lena Birth of adaptive optics and optical interferometry at ESO

Apr 05

Nadine Neumayer The build-up of galactic nuclei: how do black holes get there?

Apr 12

Saleem Zaroubi LOFAR and 21cm from the EoR

Apr 19

Elena Rossi Hypervelocity stars in the GAIA era

Apr 26

John Carlstrom CMB Polarization Results

May 03

Romeel Dave Torque-driven Black Hole Growth

May 10

tbd tba

May 17

Sean Andrews Small-Scale Substructures in Protoplanetary Disks

May 24

John Silverman Star-forming galaxies at the peak of cosmic assembly in light of future surveys with Subaru/PFS

Jun 07

Laurent Eyer Periodic and transient phenomena with the Gaia mission

Jun 14

Frank Eisenhauer GRAVITY observatons of galactic center

Jun 21

Duncan Forbes Early Type Galaxies and Globular Cluster Systems

Jun 28

John Webb Do the constants of nature vary?

Auditorium Eridanus | ESO Garching | Thursday 15.15

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