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Regular Seminars

Monday  15:30 (weekly)    
Institute Seminar

MPA Lecture Hall    

Tuesday  11:00 (weekly)
Cosmology/Group Meeting     
MPA Lecture Hall    

Wednesday  11:00 (weekly)
SESTAS (Seminar on Stellar Astrophysics)     
MPA Room 005   

Wednesday  11:00 (weekly)
Galaxy group meeting (internal)    
MPA Room 006

Thursday  16:15 (weekly)    
Munich Joint Astronomy Colloquium
ESO Lecture Hall    

Friday  11:00 (weekly)    
Accretion and High Energy Astrophysics   
MPA Lecture Hall    

Last Friday of the month 14:00 (monthly)
Bayes Forum
MPA New Lecture Hall

Seminars and Lectures

Upcoming Seminars and Lectures

MPA Institute Seminar

9092 1490348680

"Black hole feedback in elliptical galaxies"


Cosmology Seminar

9093 1490348740

"EFT and resummation techniques for the BAO"


CAS Seminar

9091 1490348837

"Molecular shocks in the interstellar medium"


ESO Lunch Talk

9095 1490348899

"A circumgalactic study at intermediate redshifts"


CAS Seminar

MPP Colloquium

9018 1490348968

"Astro-, Particle and nuclear physics of dark matter direkt detection"


Star and Planet Formation

5096 1490351004

Interpreting the signatures of planet formation in proto-planetary discs


Star and Planet Formation Seminar

Munich Joint Astronomy Colloquium

7787 1490349448

"De-projecting astronomical surveys"

Observations of celestial objects are inherently a 2D mapping on thesphere but astrophysical studies usually require the knowledge of 3Dpositions. For most extragalactic sources, this estimation relies onphotometric redshifts which require strong assumptions and can lead tocatastrophic failures. In this talk I will show how it is possible touse clustering measurements to infer redshifts for any type ofextragalactic sources. I will show how to turn this idea into a newtool for redshift estimation and show how accurate it is. I will thenpresent applications of this "clustering-redshift" technique usingvarious datasets at UV, optical, IR and radio wavelengths, and willshow a number of surprises. [more]

High Energy Seminar

7858 1490349506

"X-ray Reflection Spectroscopy of Black Holes"


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