MPA Visitor Seminar

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Gravitational Waves Core-Collapse Supernova Science with Advanced and Future Generation Interferometers"

  • Date: Dec 12, 2017
  • Time: 15:30 - 16:30
  • Speaker: Marek J. Szczepaneczyk
  • ERAU, Prescott, Arizona, USA
  • Location: MPA
  • Room: MPA room 006 (downstairs)
  • Host: MPA
The study of Gravitational Waves (GW) from Core-Collapse Supernova (CCSNe) can help elucidate the explosion mechanism and give us information about the physical properties of the collapsed core.Given the variety of possible GW morphologies (usually long and broadband), the reconstruction of the waveform and extraction of physical information is a difficult task. It requires an understanding of multi-dimensional CCSN simulations, data analysis caveats, detector response, as well as understanding how insights provided by neutrino and electromagnetic messengers help us extract GW signals from the detector noise.In the LIGO/Virgo Supernova Working Group we need all the aspects of this research program.In this talk I will review the techniques used to search for GW from CCSNeand current work on O3 preparation and detection perspectives with possible future GW Observatories.
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