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The 2015 Oskar Klein medal awarded to Rashid Sunyaev

February 04, 2016
Professor Rashid Sunyaev, Director of the Max-Planck-Institute for astrophysics has been awarded the 2015 Oskar Klein medal by the Stockholm University and the Nobel Committee of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. The Memorial lecture on "Unavoidable distortions in the spectrum of CMB and the Blackbody Photosphere of our Universe" took place on 4 February 2016 in the Oskar Klein Auditorium at the AlbaNova University Centre in Stockholm. [more]
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Simon White elected to the Chinese Academy of Sciences

December 22, 2015
At its biennial Membership Election Meeting in November 2015, the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) elected MPA director, Simon White, as a Foreign Member in recognition of his scientific achievements and his contributions to promoting the development of science and technology in China. [more]
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Fabian Schmidt receives ERC Starting Grant

December 15, 2015
In its 2015 round, the European Research Council (ERC) selected Fabian Schmidt from the Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics as one of the recipients for its highly competitive starting grant. This will allow Fabian Schmidt to establish his own research group to investigate the very early Universe and probe the general theory of relativity. [more]
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Eiichiro Komatsu elected APS Fellow

October 19, 2015
In its September meeting, the American Physical Society (APS) elected MPA director Eiichiro Komatsu as a Fellow. This distinction is recognition of his outstanding contributions to physics, in particular for his work on the analysis of the cosmic microwave background radiation and the physics of the early universe. [more]
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Simona Vegetti starts her own junior research group at MPA

August 25, 2015
Using gravitational lensing to constrain the distribution of dark matter is by now a well-established tool in astrophysics. Simona Vegetti, however, uses it for a very specific purpose: using high-resolution images of strong gravitational lenses, she tries to find and constrain the properties of small satellite galaxies in the distant universe. Recently she has been awarded a Max Planck Junior Research Group position at MPA, which will allow her much more extensive studies using this technique with her own small group. [more]
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Kippenhahn Prize 2014 is awarded to two junior scientists

August 03, 2015
This year's MPA barbeque saw quite a number of celebrations: Richard D'Souza and Marco Selig, two young MPA researchers, wrote outstanding scientific publications and were awarded the Kippenhahn Prize 2014. In addition, the summer party marked also end-point of this year’s Biermann Lectures by Isabelle Baraffe, which were all about exoplanets. [more]
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Biermann lectures - How to model an extra solar planet

May 22, 2015
In this year’s Biermann Lectures Professor Isabelle Baraffe from the University of Exeter will talk about exoplanet modelling. The different aspects touched on in the course of the miniseries will range from an exoplanet’s interior structure to its outer atmosphere. [more]
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