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  1. 3981.
    Theuns, T.; Zaroubi, S.; Kim, T. S.; Tzanavaris, P.; Carswell, R. F.: Temperature fluctuations in the intergalactic medium. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 332 (2), S. 367 - 382 (2002)
  2. 3982.
    Travaglio, C.; Randich, S.; Galli, D.; Abia, C.; Lattanzio, J.: Galactic evolution of Li-7: observational clues for models. Astrophysics and Space Science 281 (1-2), S. 219 - 220 (2002)
  3. 3983.
    Viel, M.; Matarrese, S.; Mo, H. J.; Haehnelt, M. G.; Theuns, T.: Probing the intergalactic medium with the Ly alpha forest along multiple lines of sight to distant QSOs. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 329 (4), S. 848 - 862 (2002)
  4. 3984.
    Viel, M.; Matarrese, S.; Mo, H. J.; Theuns, T.; Haehnelt, M. G.: Modelling the IGM and the Ly alpha forest at high redshift from the dark matter distribution. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 336 (2), S. 685 - 698 (2002)
  5. 3985.
    Wegmann, R.: Numerical calculation of capillary-gravity waves. Numerische Mathtematik 92 (2), S. 383 - 400 (2002)
  6. 3986.
    Wegmann, R.: Large-scale disturbance of the solar wind by a comet. Astronomy & Astrophysics 389 (3), S. 1039 - 1046 (2002)
  7. 3987.
    White, M.; Hernquist, L.; Springel, V.: Simulating the Sunyaev-Zeldovich effect(s): Including radiative cooling and energy injection by galactic winds. The Astrophysical Journal 579 (1), S. 16 - 22 (2002)
  8. 3988.
    Wu, H.; Burstein, D.; Deng, Z. G.; Zhou, X.; Shang, Z. H.; Zheng, Z. Y.; Chen, J. S.; Su, H. J.; Windhorst, R. A.; Chen, W. P. et al.; Zou, Z. L.; Xia, X. Y.; Jiang, Z. J.; Ma, J.; Xue, S. J.; Zhu, J.; Cheng, F. Z.; Byun, Y. I.; Chen, R.; Deng, L. C.; Fan, X. H.; Fang, L. Z.; Kong, X.; Li, Y.; Lin, W. P.; Lu, P.; Sun, W. H.; Tsay, W. S.; Xu, W.; Yan, H. J.; Zhao, B.; Zheng, Z.: Intermediate-band surface photometry of the edge-on galaxy NGC 4565. Astronomical Journal 123 (3), S. 1364 - 1380 (2002)
  9. 3989.
    Yamamoto, K.: Cosmological constraint from the 2dF QSO spatial power spectrum. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 334 (4), S. 958 - 962 (2002)
  10. 3990.
    Yoshida, N.; Stoehr, F.; Springel, V.; White, S. D. M.: Gas cooling in simulations of the formation of the galaxy population. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 335 (3), S. 762 - 772 (2002)
  11. 3991.
    Yoshida, N.; Sheth, R. K.; Diaferio, A.: Non-Gaussian cosmic microwave background temperature fluctuations from peculiar velocities of clusters. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 328 (2), S. 669 - 677 (2002)
  12. 3992.
    Zaroubi, S.; Branchini, E.; Hoffman, Y.; da Costa, L. N.: Consistent beta values from density-density and velocity- velocity comparisons. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 336 (4), S. 1234 - 1246 (2002)
  13. 3993.
    Zaroubi, S.: Unbiased reconstruction of the large-scale structure. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 331 (4), S. 901 - 908 (2002)
  14. 3994.
    Zehavi, I.; Blanton, M. R.; Frieman, J. A.; Weinberg, D. H.; Mo, H. J.; Strauss, M. A.; Anderson, S. F.; Annis, J.; Bahcall, N. A.; Bernardi, M. et al.; Briggs, J. W.; Brinkmann, J.; Burles, S.; Carey, L.; Castander, F. J.; Connolly, A. J.; Csabai, I.; Dalcanton, J. J.; Dodelson, S.; Doi, M.; Eisenstein, D.; Evans, M. L.; Finkbeiner, D. P.; Friedman, S.; Fukugita, M.; Gunn, J. E.; Hennessy, G. S.; Hindsley, R. B.; Ivezic, Z.; Kent, S.; Knapp, G. R.; Kron, R.; Kunszt, P.; Lamb, D. Q.; Leger, R. F.; Long, D. C.; Loveday, J.; Lupton, R. H.; McKay, T.; Meiksin, A.; Merrelli, A.; Munn, J. A.; Narayanan, V.; Newcomb, M.; Nichol, R. C.; Owen, R.; Peoples, J.; Pope, A.; Rockosi, C. M.; Schlegel, D.; Schneider, D. P.; Scoccimarro, R.; Sheth, R. K.; Siegmund, W.; Smee, S.; Snir, Y.; Stebbins, A.; Stoughton, C.; SubbaRao, M.; Szalay, A. S.; Szapudi, I.; Tegmark, M.; Tucker, D. L.; Uomoto, A.; Berk, D. V.; Vogeley, M. S.; Waddell, P.; Yanny, B.; York, D. G.: Galaxy clustering in early Sloan Digital Sky Survey redshift data. The Astrophysical Journal 571 (1), S. 172 - 190 (2002)
  15. 3995.
    Zhao, D. H.; Jing, Y. P.; Börner, G.: Pairwise velocity dispersion of galaxies at high redshift: Theoretical predictions. The Astrophysical Journal 581 (2), S. 876 - 885 (2002)
  16. 3996.
    Zheleznyakov, V. V.; Koryagin, S. A.: Polarization spectra of synchrotron radiation and the plasma composition of relativistic jets. Astronomy Letters - A Journal of Astronomy and Space Astrophysics 28 (11), S. 727 - 744 (2002)
  17. 3997.
    Zibetti, S.; Gavazzi, G.; Scodeggio, M.; Franzetti, P.; Boselli, A.: 1.65 micron (H band) surface photometry of galaxies. X. Structural and dynamical properties of elliptical galaxies. Astrophysical Journal 579 (1), S. 261 - 269 (2002)
  18. 3998.
    van Zadelhoff, G. J.; Dullemond, C. P.; van der Tak, F. F. S.; Yates, J. A.; Doty, S. D.; Ossenkopf, V.; Hogerheijde, M. R.; Juvela, M.; Wiesemeyer, H.; Schoier, F. L.: Numerical methods for non-LTE line radiative transfer: Performance and convergence characteristics. Astronomy & Astrophysics 395 (1), S. 373 - 384 (2002)
  19. 3999.
    van den Bosch, F. C.: The universal mass accretion history of cold dark matter haloes. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 331 (1), S. 98 - 110 (2002)
  20. 4000.
    van den Bosch, F. C.; Abel, T.; Croft, R. A. C.; Hernquist, L.; White, S. D. M.: The angular momentum of gas in protogalaxies. I. Implications for the formation of disk galaxies. The Astrophysical Journal 576 (1), S. 21 - 35 (2002)
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