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Special announcement

Regular Seminars

Monday  15:30 (weekly)    
Institute Seminar

MPA Lecture Hall    

Tuesday  11:00 (weekly)
Cosmology/Group Meeting     
MPA Lecture Hall    

Wednesday  11:00 (weekly)
SESTAS (Seminar on Stellar Astrophysics)     
MPA Room 005   

Wednesday  11:00 (weekly)
Galaxy group meeting (internal)    
MPA Room 006

Thursday  15:15 (weekly)    
Munich Joint Astronomy Colloquium
ESO Lecture Hall    

Friday  11:00 (weekly)    
Accretion and High Energy Astrophysics   
MPA Lecture Hall    

Last Friday of the month 14:00 (monthly)
Bayes Forum
MPA New Lecture Hall

Seminars and Lectures

Upcoming Seminars and Lectures

KES: Knowledge Exchange Series

14024 1525502456

The Tully-Fisher Relation


ESO Lunch Talk

Stellar Coffee and Planetary Tea

12547 1516116150

Tomography of evolved star atmospheres


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