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Online Proceedings

1. Testing the cosmological paradigm
Andrew Jaffe The concordance model, cosmological isotropy, Gaussianity and the CMB [pdf] [ppt]
Krzysztof Gorski Is the CMB gaussian? Is it isotropic? [pdf] [ppt]
Tarun Souradeep Testing the Statistical Isotropy of CMB maps [pdf] [ppt]
Patricio Vielva Detection of non-Gaussianity in the WMAP data using spherical wavelets [pdf] [ppt]
Niayesh Afshordi Cosmological back-reaction: the mystery and the myth [pdf] [ppt]
Frank Steiner CMB Anisotropy and Cosmic Topology [pdf] [ppt]
Carlo Contaldi BOOMERANG CMB Polarization Results [pdf] [ppt]
Charles Lawrence CMB experiments beyond Plank [pdf] [ppt]
Francois Bouchet Charting the new frontier of CMB polarisation [pdf] [ppt]
Tom Shanks Challenges for the standard cosmology [pdf] [ppt]
2. Nucleosynthesis: does it fit?
Keith Olive Nucleosynthesis: does it fit? [pdf] [ppt]
Karsten Jedamzik Nucleosysthesis: problems for the conventional model? [pdf] [ppt]
David Tytler The tension in Standard Big Bang Nucleosynthesis: the baryon density, D, He and Li [pdf] [ppt]
3. First objects and stars: what do they look like?
Volker Bromm The first stars: what do they look like? [pdf] [ppt]
Jonathan Tan What limits the masses of the first stars? [pdf] [ppt]
Raffaella Schneider A PopIII to PopII transition? [pdf] [ppt]
Sean Ryan Exploring population III through old, metal-poor stars [pdf] [ppt]
Darren Reed The first generation of star forming halos [pdf] [ppt]
Daniel Whalen Radiative Feedback of the First Stars [pdf] [ppt]
Emanuele Ripamonti The role of HD cooling in the formation of the first luminous objects [pdf] [ppt]
Hajime Susa Feedback effects on the formation of first generation galaxies [pdf] [ppt]
Carlos Frenk Do we need a modified IMF at high-z? [pdf] [ppt]
James Bock The Cosmic Infrared Background Experiment [pdf] [ppt]
Carlos De Breuck The high-z universe with ALMA [pdf] [ppt]
4. Reionization history: how well do we understand it?
Zoltan Haiman Open questions in the theoretical modeling of cosmic reionization [pdf] [ppt]
Xiaohui Fan High-z quasars and reionization [pdf] [ppt]
Simona Gallerani Is the Ly-alpha forest able to constrain the epoch of reionization? [pdf] [ppt]
Garrelt Mellema Simulating the Reionization Process from Small to Large Scales [pdf] [ppt]
Lennox Cowie Do observations suggest alternative reionization histories? [pdf] [ppt]
Tom Theuns Constraints on reionisation from the thermal state of the IGM [pdf] [ppt]
Tirthankar Roy Choudhury Observational Constraints on Self-consistent Reionization Models [pdf] [ppt]
Ue-Li Pen Searching for reionization with the 21cm [pdf] [ppt]
Saleem Zaroubi LOFAR as a probe of the sources of cosmological reionization [pdf] [ppt]
Ron Ekers Future radio observations of the high redshift universe [pdf] [ppt]
Michael Fall Direct detection of reionization sources [pdf] [ppt]
Andrew Bunker Star formation at z~6 and reionization [pdf] [ppt]
5. Observing the high-z universe
Richard Ellis Characterizing the sources responsible for cosmic reionization [pdf] [ppt]
Masami Ouchi Mapping the universe traced by galaxies at z=3-6 [pdf] [ppt]
Daniel Schaerer Lensed redshift 6 to 10 galaxies [pdf] [ppt]
Daniel Stark Searching for low-luminosity galaxies at z~7-10 [pdf] [ppt]
Sangeeta Malhotra Lyman-alpha emitters at high redshift [pdf] [ppt]
Fabian Walter Observations and implications of high-z dust/CO detections [pdf] [ppt]
George Becker A high-resolution look at the highest-redshift quasars [pdf] [ppt]
Rob Ivison Constraints on the prevalence of dusty, high-redshift starbursts [pdf] [ppt]
Matt Lehnert The Properties of Young Galaxies Observed 1 Gyr After the Big Bang [pdf] [ppt]
Garth Illingworth Galaxies in the first billion years: luminosity functions and star formation rates at z~6-10 [pdf] [ppt]
Bahram Mobasher Evidence for a population of massive starburst galaxies at z>6 [pdf] [ppt]
Jean-Loup Puget High redshift infrared galaxies: combining Spitzer, Hershel and Planck data [pdf] [ppt]
6. The importance of cosmology for next generation telescopes
Jacqueline Bergeron Ground-based optical and IR observations with ELTs: the cosmology science case [pdf] [ppt]
Peter Jakobsen James Webb Space Telescope [pdf] [ppt]
Sandro D'Odorico Will Cosmology still be a fashionable topic in the ELT era? [pdf] [ppt]
Alexander Szalay The Virtual Observatory in 2020 [pdf] [ppt]
7. Intergalactic pollution: galactic winds or primordial stars?
Antoinette Songaila Cowie Observations of metals in the IGM [pdf] [ppt]
Joop Schaye Controversies in the enrichment history of the IGM [pdf] [ppt]
Rob Simcoe Observing Intergalactic Heavy Elements and Chemical Feedback During Reionization [pdf] [ppt]
Andrea Ferrara Theoretical modeling of galactic winds [pdf] [ppt]
Evan Scannapieco The sources of intergalactic metals [pdf] [ppt]
Hugo Martel Galactic Outflows and Evolution of the IGM [pdf] [ppt]
Jason X. Prochaska Neutral gas dynamics and evolution during the first few billion years [pdf] [ppt]
Chuck Steidel Galaxies, AGN, and the IGM: Issues for Understanding the High Redshift Universe [pdf] [ppt]
Conference Summary
Simon White Open questions in cosmology? [pdf] [ppt]
S. Bertone & S. White Do galactic winds affect the Lyalpha forest? [pdf]
J. Bolton et al. The nature of the metagalactic ionizing radiation field from the Lyman-alpha forest opacity [pdf]
M. Demianski & A. Doroshkevich Statistical characteristics of the observed Ly-alpha forest and the shape of the initial power spectrum [pdf]
Douglas et al ESO remote galaxy survey [pdf]
P. Erni et al. The most metal-poor damped Ly-alpha system at z<3: constraints on early nucleosynthesis [pdf]
A. Hempel et al. Analysis of redshift z=6-10 galaxy candidates [pdf]
A. Iyudin et al. Gamma-ray absorptions in the SED of QSO and the evolution of large-scale structures [pdf]
P. Johansson & G. Efstathiou Feedback and the metallicity evolution of DLAs [pdf]
J. Liske & L. Pasquini CODEX: COsmic Dynamics EXperiment [pdf]
M. Pieri, J. Schaye & A. Aguirre The spatial distribution of metals in the Intergalactic Medium [pdf]
E. Vasiliev Primordial gas cooling behind shockwaves [pdf]
A. Verhamme & D. Schaerer A versatile 3D Lya radiation transfer code [pdf]
L. Zhang & U.-L. Pen Fast three-point correlation function algorithm for weak lensing [pdf]