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    Zhukovska, S.; Henning, T.; Dobbs, C.: Iron and silicate dust growth in the galactic interstellar medium: clues from element depletions. The Astrophysical Journal (2018)
  2. 2.
    Smercina, A.; Smith, J. D. T.; Dale, D. A.; French, K. D.; Croxall, K. V.; Zhukovska, S.; Togi, A.; Bell, E. F.; Crocker, A. F.; Draine, B. T. et al.; Jarrett, T. H.; Tremonti, C.; Yang, Y.; Zabludoff, A. I.: After the fall: the dust and gas in E+A post-starburst galaxies. The Astrophysical Journal (2018)
  3. 3.
    Peters, T.; Zhukovska, S.; Naab, T.; Girichidis, P.; Walch, S.; Glover, S. C. O.; Klessen, R. S.; Clark, P. C.; Seifried, D.: The turbulent life of dust grains in the supernova-driven, multiphase interstellar medium. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 467 (4), pp. 4322 - 4342 (2017)
  4. 4.
    Zhukovska, S.; Dobbs, C.; Jenkins, E. B.; Klessen, R. S.: Modeling dust evolution in galaxies with a multiphase, inhomogeneous ISM. The Astrophysical Journal (2016)
  5. 5.
    Dariush, A.; Dib, S.; Hony, S.; Smith, D. J. B.; Zhukovska, S.; Dunne, L.; Eales, S.; Andrae, E.; Baes, M.; Baldry, I. et al.; Bauer, A.; Bland-Hawthorn, J.; Brough, S.; Bourne, N.; Cava, A.; Clements, D.; Cluver, M.; Cooray, A.; De Zotti, G.; Driver, S.; Grootes, M. W.; Hopkins, A. M.; Hopwood, R.; Kaviraj, S.; Kelvin, L.; Lara-Lopez, M. A.; Liske, J.; Loveday, J.; Maddox, S.; Madore, B.; Michałowski, M. J.; Pearson, C.; Popescu, C.; Robotham, A.; Rowlands, K.; Seibert, M.; Shabani, F.; Smith, M. W. L.; Taylor, E. N.; Tuffs, R.; Valiante, E.; Virdee, J. S.: H-ATLAS/GAMA: the nature and characteristics of optically red galaxies detected at submillimetre wavelengths. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 456 (2), pp. 2221 - 2259 (2016)
  6. 6.
    Zhukovska, S.; Petrov, M.; Henning, T.: Can star cluster environment affect dust input from massive AGB stars? The Astrophysical Journal (2015)
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