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linkPfeil.gif A new neutrino-emission asymmetry in forming neutron stars
October 2014
Hans-Thomas Janka

linkPfeil.gif Detailed gravitational lens modelling of the galaxy cluster MACS J1149.5+2223
September 2014
Stefan Rau, Simona Vegetti and Simon White

linkPfeil.gif Looking into the heart of a supernova explosion
August 2014
First detection of Cobalt gamma-ray lines from a type Ia supernova (SN2014J) with INTEGRAL

linkPfeil.gif Eugene Churazov receives Harrie Massey Award
August 2014
On 4 August, Eugene Churazov received the "Sir Harrie Massey award" during the opening ceremony of the COSPAR Scientific Assembly with more than 2000 participants taking place in the Aula Magna of Moscow University.

linkPfeil.gif X-ray diagnostics of the donor star in ultra-compact X-ray binaries
August 2014
Filippos Koliopanos and Marat Gilfanov

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