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linkPfeilExtern.gifGravitational waves
   from general
   relativistic stellar
   core collapse

linkPfeilExtern.gifGravitational waves
   from Newtonian
   stellar core collapse

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linkPfeilExtern.gifGravitational waves
   from stellar core


linkPfeilExtern.gifA general-relativistic
   hydrodynamics code



Head:   webpage Wolfgang Hillebrandt

Tenured Members:   webpage H.-Thomas Janka, webpage Ewald Müller

Longterm Visitors:   Michael Gabler, Paolo Mazzali, webpage Fritz Roepke, Shinya Wanajo,

Postdocs:   Andreas Bauswein, Isa Cordero-Carrion, Markus Kromer, Pedro Montero,
  Bernhard Müller, Stefan Taubenberger, Annop Wongwathanarat

Students: Sandra Benitez, Franco Ciaraldi-Schoolmanan, Philipp Edelmann, Michael Fink,
  Florian Hanke, Matthias Herzog, Lorenz Hüdepohl, Oliver Just,
  Fabian Miczek, Ulrich Nöbauer, Tomasz Rembiasz, Marcella Ugliano


Current Research Projects
  Exploiting state-of-the-art numerical methods from multi-dimensional computational fluid
  dynamics our research is currently focused on the following problems

link The Physics of Thermonuclear Supernovae
W.Hillebrandt, M.Kromer, F.Röpke, S.Taubenberger

The incineration of white dwarfs by thermonuclear burning fronts is studied by means of 3d hydrodynamics simulations. The resulting nucleosynthesis and the spectral signature of the events are calculated.



link The Explosion Mechanism of Core Collapse Supernovae
H.-T.Janka, B.Müller, E.Müller

The role of neutrino heating and flow instabilities for the explosion mechanism of core collapse supernovae is studied by means of multi-dimensional radiation hydrodynamic simulations.



link Relativistic Hydrodynamics
H-T.Janka, P.Montero, B.Müller, E.Müller

The collapse of (rotating) stellar cores to neutron stars in general relativity is studied and the resulting gravitational wave signal is calculated. Furthermore, non-radial neutron star oscillations are studied in full GR.


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