MPA Institute Seminar

MPA Institute Seminar 2018

Feb 05

Ninoy Rahman "General Relativistic Neutrino Transport"

Feb 12


Feb 19

Kaloian Lozanov "Reheating after Inflation"

Feb 26

Rob Yates "Measuring ISM metallicities in nearby and distant galaxies"

Mar 05

Torsten Ensslin  "The beauty of home grown fields"

Mar 12

Mar 19

Franz Elsner "Towards a reconstruction of the formation history of large scale structure"

Mar 26

Annop Wongwathanarat "The progenitor of SN1987A: is it a single star?"

Apr 02

Easter Monday

Apr 09

Sebastian Hutschenreuter "The primordial magnetic field in our cosmic backyard"

Apr 16

Eugene Churazov "Sgr A* flares and molecular gas in the Galactic Center region"

Apr 23

Matteo Frigo "The impact of AGN feedback on the kinematics of simulated galaxies"

Apr 30

Azadeh Maleknejad "Particle production by gauge fields during inflation"
May 7 Wilma Trick
May 14 Daniel Pumpe
May 21 Holiday
May 28 Alexandre Barreira
Jun 4 Marius Eide
Jun 11 Domenico Meduri
Jun 18 Francesca Fragkoudi
Jun 25 Tobias Melson
Jul 2 Philipp Busch
Jul 9 Xun Shi
Jul 16 Jens Stuecker
Jul 23 Thomas Ertl

Lecture Hall E.0.11 | MPA Garching | Monday 15.30

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