MPA Institute Seminar

MPA Institute Seminar 2018

Jun 18 Domenico Meduri "Magnetic instabilities and dynamo action in stably stratified stellar interiors "
Jun 25 Francesca Fragkoudi “Exploring the formation history of the Milky Way using dynamics and stellar populations"
Jul 2 Philipp Busch "Morphology of Reionisation and Large Scale Structure"
Jul 9 Xun Shi "Meteorology for galaxy clusters"
Jul 16 Jens Stuecker "The Complexity of the Dark Matter Sheet"
Jul 23 Thomas Ertl "The Landscape of Neutrino-Driven Supernovae: Explodability, Remnants, and SN yields"
Sep 24 Daisuke Nagai "Cosmology with Kinematic Sunyaev-Zeldovich Effect: Opportunities and Challenges"
Oct 1 Natalia Porqueres "Inferring high-redshift large-scale structure dynamics from the Lyman-alpha forest"
Oct 8 Minh Nguyen
Oct 15 George Angelou
Oct 22 Simon White
Oct 29 Luca di Mascolo
Nov 5 Andreas Joergensen
Nov 12 Reimar Leike
Nov 19 Johann Higl
Nov 26 Tobias Melson
Dec 3 Dani Chao
Dec 10 Jakob Knollmueller
Dec 17 Francesca Rizzo

Lecture Hall E.0.11 | MPA Garching | Monday 15.30

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