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  1. 41.
    Castro, T.; Quartin, M.; Giocoli, C.; Borgani, S.; Dolag, K.: The effect of baryons in the cosmological lensing PDFs. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 478 (1), S. 1305 - 1325 (2018)
  2. 42.
    Fulton, C. C.; Arp, H. C.; Hartnett, J. G.: Physical association and periodicity in quasar families with SDSS and 2MRS. Astrophysics and Space Science 363 (7), 134 (2018)
  3. 43.
    Hosseinzadeh, G.; Valenti, S.; McCully, C.; Howell, D. A.; Arcavi, I.; Jerkstrand, A.; Guevel, D.; Tartaglia, L.; Rui, L.; Mo, J. et al.; Wang, X.; Huang, F.; Song, H.; Zhang, T.; Itagaki, K.: Short-lived circumstellar interaction in the low-luminosity type IIP SN 2016bkv. The Astrophysical Journal (2018)
  4. 44.
    Maguire, K.; Sim, S. A.; Shingles, L.; Spyromilio, J.; Jerkstrand, A.; Sullivan, M.; Chen, T.-W.; Cartier, R.; Dimitriadis, G.; Frohmaier, C. et al.; Galbany, L.; Gutiérrez, C. P.; Hosseinzadeh, G.; Howell, D. A.; Inserra, C.; Rudy, R.; Sollerman, J.: Using late-time optical and near-infrared spectra to constrain Type Ia supernova explosion properties. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 477 (3), S. 3567 - 3582 (2018)
  5. 45.
    Obreja, A.; Macciò, A. V.; Moster, B.; Dutton, A. A.; Buck, T.; Stinson, G. S.; Wang, L.: Introducing galactic structure finder: the multiple stellar kinematic structures of a simulated Milky Way mass galaxy. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 477 (4), S. 4915 - 4930 (2018)
  6. 46.
    Parikh, T.; Thomas, D.; Maraston, C.; Westfall, K. B.; Goddard, D.; Lian, J.; Meneses-Goytia, S.; Jones, A.; Vaughan, S.; Andrews, B. H. et al.; Bershady, M.; Bizyaev, D.; Brinkmann, J.; Brownstein, J. R.; Bundy, K.; Drory, N.; Emsellem, E.; Law, D. R.; Newman, J. A.; Roman-Lopes, A.; Wake, D.; Yan, R.; Zheng, Z.: SDSS-IV MaNGA: the spatially resolved stellar initial mass function in ∼400 early-type galaxies. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 477 (3), S. 3954 - 3982 (2018)
  7. 47.
    Simpson, C. M.; Grand, R. J. J.; Gómez, F. A.; Marinacci, F.; Pakmor, R.; Springel, V.; Campbell, D. J. R.; Frenk, C. S.: Quenching and ram pressure stripping of simulated Milky Way satellite galaxies. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 478 (1), S. 548 - 567 (2018)
  8. 48.
    Stücker, J.; Busch, P.; White, S. D. M.: The median density of the Universe. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 477 (3), S. 3230 - 3246 (2018)
  9. 49.
    Tang, X.; Churazov, E.: Sound wave generation by a spherically symmetric outburst and AGN feedback in galaxy clusters II: impact of thermal conduction. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 477 (3), S. 3672 - 3682 (2018)
  10. 50.
    Tihhonova, O.; Courbin, F.; Harvey, D.; Hilbert, S.; Rusu, C. E.; Fassnacht, C. D.; Bonvin, V.; Marshall, P. J.; Meylan, G.; Sluse, D. et al.; Suyu, S. H.; Treu, T.; Wong, K. C.: H0LiCOW VIII. - A weak-lensing measurement of the external convergence in the field of the lensed quasar HE 0435−1223. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 477 (4), S. 5657 - 5669 (2018)
  11. 51.
    Wagstaff, G.; Weiss, A.: Influence of the outer boundary condition on models of AGB stars. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 477 (4), S. 4824 - 4837 (2018)
  12. 52.
    De Cia, A.; Gal-Yam, A.; Rubin, A.; Leloudas, G.; Vreeswijk, P.; Perley, D. A.; Quimby, R.; Yan, L.; Sullivan, M.; Flörs, A. et al.; Sollerman, J.; Bersier, D.; Cenko, S. B.; Gal-Yam, M.; Maguire, K.; Ofek, E. O.; Prentice, S.; Schulze, S.; Spyromilio, J.; Valenti, S.; Arcavi, I.; Corsi, A.; Howell, D. A.; Mazzali, P.; Kasliwal, M. M.; Taddia, F.; Yaron, O.: Light curves of hydrogen-poor superluminous supernovae from the Palomar Transient Factory. The Astrophysical Journal (2018)
  13. 53.
    Grillo, C.; Rosati, P.; Suyu, S. H.; Balestra, I.; Caminha, G. B.; Halkola, A.; Kelly, P. L.; Lombardi, M.; Mercurio, A.; Rodney, S. A. et al.; Treu, T.: Measuring the value of the Hubble constant "à la Refsdal". The Astrophysical Journal (2018)
  14. 54.
    Siess, L.; Lebreuilly, U.: Case A and B evolution towards electron capture supernova. Astronomy & Astrophysics (2018)
  15. 55.
    Taam, R. E.; Qiao, E.; Liu, B. F.; Meyer-Hofmeister, E.: A model for spectral states and their transition in Cyg X-1. The Astrophysical Journal (2018)
  16. 56.
    Hiramatsu, T.; Komatsu, E.; Hazumi, M.; Sasaki, M.: Reconstruction of primordial tensor power spectra from B-mode polarization of the cosmic microwave background. Physical Review D 97 (12), 123511 (2018)
  17. 57.
    Nordin, J.; Aldering, G.; Antilogus, P.; Aragon, C.; Bailey, S.; Baltay, C.; Barbary, K.; Bongard, S.; Boone, K.; Brinnel, V. et al.; Buton, C.; Childress, M.; Chotard, N.; Copin, Y.; Dixon, S.; Fagrelius, P.; Feindt, U.; Fouchez, D.; Gangler, E.; Hayden, B.; Hillebrandt, W.; Kim, A.; Kowalski, M.; Kuesters, D.; Leget, P.-F.; Lombardo, S.; Lin, Q.; Pain, R.; Pecontal, E.; Pereira, R.; Perlmutter, S.; Rabinowitz, D.; Rigault, M.; Runge, K.; Rubin, D.; Saunders, C.; Smadja, G.; Sofiatti, C.; Suzuki, N.; Taubenberger, S.; Tao, C.; Thomas, R. C.: Understanding type Ia supernovae through their U-band spectra. Astronomy & Astrophysics (2018)
  18. 58.
    Brennan, R.; Choi, E.; Somerville, R. S.; Hirschmann, M.; Naab, T.; Ostriker, J. P.: Momentum-driven winds from radiatively efficient black hole accretion and their impact on galaxies. The Astrophysical Journal (2018)
  19. 59.
    Strigari, L. E.; Frenk, C. S.; White, S. D. M.: Dynamical constraints on the dark matter distribution of the sculptor dwarf spheroidal from stellar proper motions. The Astrophysical Journal (2018)
  20. 60.
    Behrens, C.; Byrohl, C.; Saito, S.; Niemeyer, J. C.: The impact of Lyman-α radiative transfer on large-scale clustering in the Illustris simulation. Astronomy & Astrophysics (2018)
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